Unit Farm

For over 9 years led grow light manufacture experience, Unit Farm developers have provided a lot OEM service to different brands, worked with a lot indoor growers, universities, specialist growers, commercial growers and research labs.

Their products have been wildly applied for commercial, greenhouse, research, indoor growing and hydroponics gardners. Today, they have got enough experience on LED grow light, so they have decided to make their own products and own brand Unit Farm.

They decided to make a safe, high quality, low heat, low power consumption, high penetration, high yield , high power, truly full-spectrum LED grow light. Unitfarm UFO series is comprised of the two top brand LEDs,CREE and OSRAM. They are different from other brands also, they prefer using double or triple lenses to increase lumens, PAR, PPF or PPFD.

They are also growers, so they know  what growers are thinking. UFO is a product built with confidence, experience and growers expectation.

They also manufacture high quality grow tents. When producing grow tents they've considered five factors: fabric quality, reflective rate, pole quality, lighting leaking and flexible use, especially the light leaking. They gathered a lot information from growers and competitors and they know how important is to avoid light leaking. In order to achive that, they use real 1680D fabric, 19mm metal poles and corners, magic fabric to cover the zippers.

Unit farm is a new brand but they are not newer in indoor growing and hydroponics cultivation. 


Unit Farm

Minimal Price: $ 49.90 49.9