Around half of the light transmitted by your grow light is going to hit your reflector. Therefore, it's essential that you pick the correct one. One that will point however much light as could be expected down to your planst. One that suits the shape and size of your grow tent. They all are CE certified and intended to give you extraordinary outcomes.

In the event that you require help picking a reflector, see the inquiries and replies beneath.

Where do I position my reflector?
Most grow tents are square or can be part into squares. One reflector ought to be situated in the center point of each square. In the event that your grow tent can't be part into squares, split it into rectangles instead and you will be able to complete this important task.

What are air cooled reflectors?

During the summer, many growera change to air-cooled reflectors. Air cooled reflectors resemble a shut end reflector with a glass board underneath. On either end of the reflector is a nozzle you can hook ducting to. You at that point will utilize an extractor fan to drive air through one end of the reflector, over the light, and out the opposite side. This successfully drives warm air out of your reflector before it can go into the grow room.

During the mid-season when you might be having heat issues, air cooled reflectors offer major assistance. In the event that you don't have enough stature in your grow tent, utilize an air-cooled reflector and you can position your light a considerable amount closer to your plants.

Would I be able to clean my grow room reflector?

With a dry fabric, when your reflector is cool. Ensure you don't touch it directly with your exposed skin – as doing this could permanently harm your reflector.

How frequently would it be necessary for me to replace my reflector?

Most reflectors require replacing after approximately a year, yet it truly relies on upon your reflector type and how much you've actually utilized it. Keep in mind, half of the light transmitted by your grow light hits your reflector – a 2% loss of reflectivity costs you around 1% of your general yield.

All our reflectors are suitable for Hps, MH, Grolux and CFL Lamps with E40 Fitting


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