We have 3 payment methods:
1. Bank transfer
2. Paypal
3. Credit Cards

I don't want to send my credit card details over the Internet, how else can I pay?

There are many ways you can pay for goods fom 1hydroponics.com.au other than online credit card payments. Once you have completed your online shopping you will be asked how you wish to pay for your goods. You will be given this option:

  • Paying money directly into the 1hydroponics bank account -
    Once you have chosen your goods and selected this method of payment you will be given the total cost of your order. You can then transfer the cash using the following details:-

    Account Name: 1hydroponics
    BSB: 082566
    Account Number: 441061749

As soon as the money shows in our account, usually within twenty four hours, then we will send your order out.


I want to pay with Paypal or by credit card
If you want to pay by credit card or payapl please choose Paypal as a payment method at checkout. PayPal is a free and secure online payment system used around the world. You don't need to have a paypal account. Paypal accept all the major credit cards: Visa. Mastercard, Amex, Discover.
Payment will be made on Paypal 100% secure server.

Why will you only deliver goods to the credit / debit card holders address?
This is a method of fraud protection used to protect our customers. This way we are sure that the person that is paying for the goods receives the goods.