Mylar Grow Tents

Best Quality Grow Tents at Low Price

Grow tents have been used for quite some time in order to grow a variety of different plants in a small, secure space.

Mylar Grow tents in the Airontek range offer quality features that will have a strong impact on your current growing environment, shaping it into an environment that is perfectly conditioned to nurture your plants to the highest of their capabilities. Airontek growing tents offers handy features like highly reflective sheeting, vents and access points, robust plastic corners, sturdy metal frames, and a high-quality zipper that will not allow any light to sneak out.

Secret Jardin growing tents on the other hand, are another quick and simple, yet practical answer to an ideal growing environment to grow all your plants indoors with ease. In comparison with the former grow tent we discussed, this one is MUCH easier to assemble, so that you have more time to get your plants started on their journey.

In addition, the Secret Jardin grow tent comes full of handy features. For instance, they have large hanging points for a convenient hanging. They also include support bars that are useful for hanging fans, lighting, or "sleeves" for the installation of cabling and ducting fans, waterproofing, and light proofing. All these features greatly ease the stress of efficiently managing your growing environment.

Unit Farm grow tents are the best grow tents on the present market. A very high quality tent to grow your plants all year around. 

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Mylar Grow Tents

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