Perfect Light Schedule for Indoor Growing

Grow Light schedule

How Important Is light emission when growing indoor plants?

Light is crucial in indoor cultivation. It becomes is very important when you want to run complete, continuous cycles and have total control of your plants growth.

Why do you need a grow light to cultivate indoor?
You need an artificial light to recreate sunlight and stimulate the photosynthesis of the plant. There are various types of grow lights that can make your plants believe they are going through the natural seasons. This is due to the fact that the indoor lamps can have different light spectrums just like the seasons.


Here are some examples:

- mh lamps (metal halide) have a blue light  spectrum that stimulates plant growth

- hps lamps (high pressure sodium) have an orange / red light spectrum that stimulates flowering

- Agro lamps have an hybrid light spectrum that can stimulate both growth and flowering phase


What is the right light schedule for my indoor plants?

Vegetative phase:
 Give the plant about 18/20 hours of light per day, recreating a summer effect (long and bright days)

ps: So indoor growers have a choice to flower their plants whenever they want!

Blooming phase:
 Go from 20/18 hours to 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness , recreating the arrival of autumn (short days)

Autoflowering plants do not require a change of hours between the various stages of growth. They are always given 18-20 hours of light per day throughout the plant life cycle.


 How many indoor grow lights are available on the present market?

Today there are many models that can satisfy the needs of every indoor growers.

HID discharge grow lamps:  are very effective, they tend to release lots of heat and consume energy equal to the power of the bulb.
CFLgrow  lamps are less effective than HIDs. They tend not to emit heat and they are energy-efficient lamps.
Fluorescent neon lamps: are similar to CFL lamps. They do not emit heat and are energy-efficient. Mostly used for propagation and cuttings.
Indoor Led grow lamps are discreetly effective, do not emit heat and are energy-efficient.