Led Grow Lights

Invest in the latest technology in indoor grow lighting - LED LIGHTS!

LED grow lights? LED technology can speed up your plant's vegetative processes, boost yields and resin content, while saving you over 50% on your energy bill.

LED grow lights have been around for several years now. In recent times LED lamps have become increasingly efficient and user friendly. A growing number of indoor gardeners are now choosing LED’s as their grow light of choice for hydroponic and soil grow setups.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced grower it's never too late to get into LED's.

Why Choose a LED GROW LIGHTS for your indoor growing?

  • SUPER EFFICIENCY – They are low energy consumption lights, LEDs are the proven most effective ‘produce per watt’ solution for hobby growers and commercial indoor growers alike.

  • NO BALLAST or REFLECTOR – The power supply is built in. The relfector is built in. The LED lenses are angled to 90-120 degrees. 

  • LOW TEMPERATURE EMISSION – With in built fans and of course bulbs that operate at much lower temperatures than traditional grow lighting, in most cases there is no need for additional cooling measures.

  • VERY LONG LIFE – While hps grow lighting has a life expectancy of 10-15,000 hours. LED grow lights have a life expectancy of 50-75,000.

Shop from our wide range of LED grow light units suited to different setups and purposes. We have the E27 range with can be screwed into a standard light bulb socket making them ideal for "micro growing" setups or mothering and cloning. For small to large setups we supply the top selling APOLLO range now into it’s third generation of production. And for the serious grower, grab the latest HYPERLED G3+ range utilising COB LEDs for deep penetration and maximum coverage.

All of the LED grow lights for sale in Australia on our site have been proven effective in growing green plants by real growers during actual grows. We only carry the best brands with long warranties and hassle-free return policies.

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Led Grow Lights

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