Hid Grow Light Kits


If you are going to grow plants indoor hydroponically, in soil or other mediums, you will need a grow light. A grow light reproduce the light spectrum from the sun, essential for plant growth. Plant growth falls into 2 key cycles, vegetative and flowering stages. For vegetative growth blue spectrum of light is ideal, and for flowering red/orange spectrum is required.

Our Hps, Mh or Agro grow light kits are put together by us using the best products at the best prices. We have have a HPS, MH and AGRO system that will suit every grower

At the heart of every High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system lies a reflector, a ballast and a lamp – in addition to selling high quality complete hydroponic lighting kits, here at 1Hydroponics.com.au we also sell these parts separately.

Don't forget to follow our guide on how to setup a grow room!

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Hid Grow Light Kits

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