Grow Tents

Grow Box: Maximum Privacy Guaranteed When Growing Indoor!

The definition of a Grow Tent is a closed structure, referred to as a "grow room" which is used for the purpose of growing plants at home in a safe environment.

At 1Hydroponics, our top quality, best-value grow tent kits provide growers with the option of developing their perfect growing area.

With the health of your plants relying in great part on the atmosphere around them, taking the bull by the horns and grasping control of the things that influence plant growth negatively or positively is a must when you create an enclosed growing area. A grow tent is one of the simplest and best methods of doing this!

Our Grow Tents are always top of the line, with non-gassing construction. A high quality Grow Tent permits you to design an ideally controlled indoor garden area, a micro-environment Grow Room where you can control temperature and humidity levels exactly and "photoperiod" lighting.
It is possible to make these grow tents essentially air tight in order to permit the use of CO2 supplementation, and to prevent pests from entering. The basically light proof construction of Grow Tents dowse not permit "light leaks" which can lead to problems for your plants during their "dark" photoperiod for correct growth and flowering.

Obtainable in a vast range of sizes and specifically created as plant growth chambers, our growth tent kits carry an array of features to assist you in creating the ideal environment, including:
- Light support bars,
- Extraction system holes,
- Room for installing ducting and electrical cables.

Specs of our grow tents:

  • Non toxic materials -- will not exhibit any reaction under heat.
  • 97% thermal film protection which is non-toxic.
  • Sturdy Framework -- Powder coated metal frame able to hold 20 kg
  • Multiple Intake & Exhaust Ports -- can be adjusted to accommodate various ducting sizes.
  • Extra strong Polymer fittings -- made from polymer plastic so that they are able to bend under pressure instead of breaking, and they won't rust.
  • Waterproof Floor -- with a second removable floor cleaning is a simple matter.
  • Quality stitching and zippers -- top quality zippers, re-enforced tent corners.



Grow Tents

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