How to Assemble a Grow Tent in 3 Easy Steps!

To get started an indoor cultivation we recommend using a grow tent. Assembling a  "Grow Box"  is not a difficult task, but it still requires a minimum of attention and dedication. 

There are 3 main steps:

1) Put together the metal frame
2) Placing the metal frame inside the fabric
3) Attach the fabric or lining with the metal frame

Metal frame of a grow tent
Our grow tent is a metal structure. It is made up of metal rods held together with connectors. For better assembly, the metal rods are numbered. The instructions indicate how to assemble the rods with the connectors. Generally, there are also transverse axes providing extra stability to the structure forming a cross. It is also useful for hanging or suspending a grow light for indoor cultivation or any other elements.

Grow tent's frame

Placement of metal structure inside the tent
Lay the tent well on a horizontal surface like a spacious table or properly cleaned floor with the zips open. At this point, you can place the base of the metal frame that you have already assembled on the base of the tent itself. Be precise and do not rush, so you do not have to repeat the operation. One person should be capable of assembling this, however with two people, the job will be easier.

Attention: Be careful NOT to pull too much that the fabric could tear.

Grow tent assembly

Attach the fabric or lining with the metal frame
After this phase, you are 99% done:  The Grow Room has taken its final shape. Just close the zips and you have it. You are ready for grow your favorite plants!

The next step?
Now you need to create the right habitat for plants. To reduce errors, be sure to follow our special guide on how to set up a grow tent with all the necessary equipment to start growing


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