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Of course sunlight, being free is without question the least costly source of light for growing plants, but it has the one drawback of just not always being accessible. Grow lights give you the ability to provide a light source for your plants 24 hours a day, all year round. You can control the quantities and intensities of light you administer to your plants. This enables you to take command of your plant’s growth helping you achieve your desired outcome.

Use grow lights to bring the "green giving" enchantment of the sun indoors! Our vast choice of indoor grow lights lets you select the proper light system to meet both your requirements and those of your budget, whether you need a basic fluorescent set-up or a ballast, reflector, bulb package which uses high intensity power discharge.

The advantages to growing using lights are obvious. There is just no way to surpass them when it comes to growing a profusion of hardy, green seedlings.

Best Control:
By using an indoor grow light, you are in charge of your plants actions and are able to make them grow substantially all year long!

Sunlight provides the full spectrum of light colors that the plant like to feed on. It has been noticed that plants like the light colors of red and blue, they are important for their development. While red light increases the flowering phase, if a plant gets too much red light, it will become tall and spindly. That's where blue light comes in, regulating the growth of the plant, and making it perfect for growing foliage plants and short, hardy seedlings.

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Need a top notch Grow Light system? We have a large array of Indoor Lights for every kind of indoor gardener, including beginner, hobbyist, and professional growers. A lot of our complete Grow Light systems contain a grow light ballast, a reflector hood as well as specialty grow bulbs to provide your indoor gardens with all of the light they require for fantastic growth.

We offer all types of grow lights including HPS, MH, Fluorescent, CFL grow lights and LED grow lamps. Furthermore, we are able to customize a grow light system to accommodate your special requirements.

Remember: Light is, in a sense, "food" for all plants, so if it's lacking plenty of strong light, even a healthy plant will fail to develop many buds.

More Light = Bigger Yields!

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Grow Lights

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