All you need to do to succeed is to create the best Enviroment for your Indoor Growing

Once you have chosen to grow your plants inside, your subsequent, or first stage, is to make sense of precisely how you will do it. There are various envirometal details to consider when setting up your indoor growing. Regardless of whether it is the temperature or humidity of the room, the carbon dioxide level, the ventilation or the odor, you will need to organise everything impeccably so you make the perfect growing condition for your plants.

Although initially this may seem to be a lot of work, if carried out correctly and the right environment is acheived, a massive yield can be expected. Plant growth is reliant upon many components, however, the most critical component is the high caliber ventilation arrangement because this will regulate the temperature and humitity of your grow room.      

Our products create the right environment as found in nature. We provide the latest technology to fully meet the needs of your plants.

Here at 1Hydroponics, we sell a range of high quality grow room fans and ventilation systems to let you manage and optimise the temperature, humidity and CO2 content of your growing environment.




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