Extractor Fans

Quality Extractor Fans for your hydroponic and indoor gardening

When you are setting up a grow room, whether it be your first or very last, ventilation is something you simply cannot overlook. Extractor fans are a key element in the overall success of the an essentially flourishing grow room environment. These fans provide your plants with an atmosphere made up with a consistent flow of fresh carbon dioxide (CO2) which, of course, is absolutely essential for the health of your little plant world.

When you install an extractor fan, be sure to do so at a high point so it is able to do its job correctly by removing as much of that heat as possible. In opposition of course, you want to place your intake fan near to the ground so it is able to transport fresh, cool air up and all over your plants.

We recommend using flexible aluminum air pipes for connections or reaching a specific area.

Our air extractor fans are:
1. Already wired with cable and plug.
2. With balanced motor to minimize vibration.
3. With motor mounted on ball bearings.
4. With thermal protection.
5. Designed and built in the EU

At 1hydroponics.com.au, we understand the importance of being able to extract hot air and introduce a nice fresh, cool breeze. That’s why we carry a broad selection of superior-quality extractor fans.

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Extractor Fans

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