Complete Indoor Grow Kits


Just starting out as a novice grower can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing what you have to buy and what you need to succeed, can require a lot of research and can be expensive. Here at 1Hydroponics Australia, we offer grow kits at an affordable price and they contain everything that you might require. Our grow kits can be fully customized to suit the requirements of the plants you are growing. Our experienced and expert advice could be valuable in helping you produce your initial harvest.

We also have a fully equipped grow room, so please visit our section about grow tent kits!

Perfect environment:
Plants require a suitable environment to thrive and without this environment, they will not grow effectively. This environment can be enhanced for the plant with the use of one of our grow kits. With an enhanced environment, the plant will flourish and the results will be beyond your wildest dreams. We can help you to decide which grow kit is most suitable for you. With your information and our knowledge, we can start you off on the path to success. If you need any advice once you are underway, we can help you to maintain an effective growing environment.

Our indoor grow kits and grow tent kits were created to meet the needs of the modern day hydroponics practitioner.

High Quality Guaranteed:
We have a huge selection of grow kits available and they vary depending on the customer. The grow kits will come in a variety of packages and are best when they are specifically tailored to suit the growers needs. They are a popular choice among novice growers as they help them to get started with everything they need. And because the grow kits are an affordable option, they are also popular with the more experienced grower.

If you were looking for some tips on how to grow indoor please check our indoor growing guide. 1Hydroponics also supply a variety grow tents which are perfect for isolating the environment in which you are growing. We also have these available in kits to get you started quicker, easier and most importantly, cheaper. Whatever it is you are looking for, 1Hydroponics are here to provide you with all that you require and at a price that you can afford.

We offer Free Shipping right across Australia and all the help you need to get growing.

Complete Indoor Grow Kits

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