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For those of us who are just getting started in the world of indoor growing with hydroponics systems, this system really is one of the best options out there today. In fact, it is such an excellent system, that the CFL grow light kit can be used with excellent results by both beginners and experts for fuller flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, you name it—it’s really just that good.

The best thing about this particular system is that it is equipped with absolutely everything you need to successfully light your grow room, while ultimately saving you on your overall electric bill, by lessening electricity consumption. CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamps that are self-stabilized allowing for them to be both plugged conveniently in and positioned as ideally as possible around the plants. This benefits the grower in a couple different ways, most notably in the avoidance of the expense and heat of the alternative heat ballasts. Additionally, they are proven to run at a much lower temperature than the HID lamps, which enables you to utilize them without ventilation. Keep in mind that the main advantage here is how close these lights can be positioned to your plants without burning them – it’s really impressive.

With indoor hydroponic equipment, it is highly recommended that you change out your kit for each different stage of the lives of your plants; which are of course, germination, growth, and flowering.

CFL grow lights are available in 3 different color spectrums.
The 2700k bulb This one provides increased output in the red spectrum which then promotes the flowering and budding of your plants.
The 6400k bulbs This light option is made up of white spectrum bulbs that nourish and promote vegetative plant growth.
The 2100k bulbs are a full spectrum bulb which promotes all plant growth.

The CFL grow light kit guarantees a variety of positive outcomes; less heat output, a decrease in brightness, and a decrease in power consumption, which ultimately leads to a decrease in your energy bills.

The bottom line of growing with CFL growing kits

  • • Inexpensive to get started and setup initially
  • • Reduce your energy consumption
  • • Easy to fit in any grow rooms
  • • There is no need for a ballast as the CFL is self-supporting
  • Suitable for very small or short grow spaces, like the inside of a cupboard, small grow tent, or even a pc-case

Versatile Fixture
In the end, when you choose to go with an affordable CFL growing kit, our system provides great performance and uniformity, with 95% reflective textured aluminum reflector – at an affordable price. In other terms, the CFL growing kit is a very versatile fixture. They can be hung both horizontally and vertically, in case you have a taller breed of plant that requires light from different sides.

Make sure to follow our cfl grow light setup!

Choose the CFL grow light you need from the biggest reseller in Australia!

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CFL Grow Light Kits

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