Carbon Filters

Premium quality activeted carbon air filters for hydroponics and indoor gardening Made up of an internal chamber filled with active carbon granules capable of imprisoning the unpleasant smells produced by indoor plant cultivation. A carbon filter has the ability to filter the air out of the extractor fan, making it odorless. Thanks to its active charcoal, the filter can neutralize the odors produced by plants during the blooming phase. With our driving scope of top notch carbon filters, you can cleanse warm air as it leaves your grow room, making it immaculate again and ready to reintroduce into your living space.

We recommend installing the activated carbon filter in your grow room if you:
- Cultivate at home and smell can bother family members
- Cultivate in an apartment and the smell can annoy the neighbors
- Cultivate in a common room and smell can bother others
- Cultivate in a common area and the smell can feel outward
- Cultivate indoor and you do not want the smell to leave your grow room

We additionally offer various Extraction/Filtration Kits that incorporate the coordinating fan, filter, and necessary parts for a full set-up.

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Carbon Filters

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