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We import directly from the best European and Australian companies producing horticulture equipment. Whatever you need to set up and sustain a hydroponic garden can be found here. We have a wide range of grow lights and all the accessories to go with them. We also have grow tents and grow light systems and a whole bunch more.

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Our products can be found in many stores and catalogues across Australia. 1Hydroponics, brand products are some of the best available for indoor gardening and gardening retailers. On top of the Australian brands you can find the best hydroponic European brands also.

We have a wide variety of high-quality and products professions growers need, as well as, everything the beginner will need. You will locate everything you need here to set up your grow room including complete hydroponics kits, grow tents and grow lights. For the most out of your plants buy our quality products. We have an entire collection of hydroponic products and are here to advise you with all your hydroponic gardening needs.

We are a reputable and established hydroponics retailer who has been around since 2004. Our team of friendly people is some of the most experts in the hydroponic and indoor gardening field.

Wide Knowledge of Indoor Hydroponic Systems

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional with our wide range of indoor growing products we have you covered no worries if you have your system inside or outside. Our hydroponic grow tents and light systems are perfect for Australia.
Combine our extensive knowledge and our full range of products we have an answer to all questions.

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What's Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a soilless method of cultivation.

The Latin word “Hydroponic” means working water. It is just a way to grow plants without soil. What most people think of when they think of hydroponics is of plants with their roots In the water and no soil used.

While this is one variation of hydroponics, it is not the only one. It is known as NFT or nutrient film technique. There are several different types of NFT hydroponics people use worldwide. It is a very popular way to grow food hydroponically. However, there are many other variations of ways to grow food using hydroponics.

Why Hydroponic Cultivation is successful and works well?

By giving plants what they need to grow is what makes hydroponics work so well. In Hydroponics plants are given what they require to grow at the right time in the correct amount whether it is nutrients in a soluble form or having just the right amount of light delivered in the right spectrum for the plant stage of maturity.
Temperatures are maintained at an optimal degree for maximum development. All these qualities combined give them plant the best possible outcomes.

Plants grown using hydroponic systems are cultivated in a completely balanced inert median that has a ph adjusted nutrient solution. This solution is delivered straight to the root system in a highly soluble form so that the plants can uptake their food with little effort. In regular soil, the roots have to search for their food nutrients in the dirt. Searching the soil for their nutrients expends energy they can use to grow. Looking for nutrients takes away energy that they could spend on growing food and flowers.

How easy is it to set up a system?

Because of all the recent technological advances creating an hydroponic system has never been easier. Since it is so simple whether you are a professional or a novice, you will be up and growing your food in no time. There is an abundance of information available on making your hydroponic system. Some can even be tucked away in a closet or another small area in your house making them very convenient. Since hydroponics is so easy and affordable to set up now, more and more people are sure to want their own systems so they can grow their own nutritious foods.
Hydroponics is the wave of the future and is now so affordable that anyone can do it.

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Best 10 Tips

Follow the best tips from our experts!

1. Start from good quality seeds or quality cuttings
2. Let the soil to dry out a bit, do not supply to much water
3. Make sure your grow room has a good air circulation (use an extractor fan for it)
4. Follow a feed chart
5. Resist Leafing - Do not cut the leaves off!
6. Keep the grow room clean - Use organic cleaning products for it.
7. Keep temperature around 24/26°C
8. Keep humidity around 55%
9. Check pH of nutrient solution
10. Supply Co2 for increasing crop

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